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Paul Johnson, copywriter

Paul Johnson, copywriter

I started my copywriting career in the early 90s when I joined a small agency as a cub reporter on employee publications. Pretty soon, I branched out into other kinds of internal communication via scripts for conference speeches, videos and audio programmes and then content for fledgling intranets.

During that time, I also had a part-time evening job at the BBC writing football match reports and other sports news for live broadcast on Ceefax. Those were the days before the Beeb embraced the Web.

I went freelance in 2000, and in 2003 set up Pen and Ink Communication Ltd as a vehicle for my copywriting work. At first, I was mainly focused on internal communication but have increasingly moved into corporate communication and marketing through writing and project managing customer magazines, brochures, sustainability reports and web content.

During 20 years as a copywriter, I’ve ended up developing expertise in corporate responsibility and sustainability, website content management and intranet good practice. I spent six years as an associate of the Intranet Benchmarking Forum where I assessed, researched and advised on corporate intranets for some of the world’s biggest companies. I have extensive experience in the financial services, pharmaceutical and retail industries.

I work direct for clients and as an associate of agencies including Axiom Communications and Forsyth Websper.

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