Direct mail and email marketing

Direct mail and email for cost-effective lead generation

Letters being postedI write direct mail and email that jumps out from the jumble of communications your customers and prospects receive every day.

I use an informal, conversational style to take advantage of the uniquely personal nature of direct mail and email.

Almost invariably, I’ll start with a powerful headline that gets attention. I might use a provocative quote, ask a question or home in on the reader’s problem. In the body copy, I might tell a story, announce something new, stress a benefit – or simply state the offer if it’s so good it speaks for itself.

Because you can measure the results through replies or click-throughs, you’ll know right away how well your direct mail or email is working. So for a fairly small upfront cost, you get to try out a proven marketing medium and see what it can do for you.

Thinking of hiring me as a direct mail or email copywriter? Use my contact form or call +44 (0)1225 790703.