Intranet content

Attention-grabbing intranet content that’s clear, concise and memorable

Computer user head in handsHow many times do you feel like yelling at your organisation’s intranet? In theory, it’s the go-to source of vital news and information and the place to complete all those everyday admin tasks. So how come it’s such a source of frustration in so many companies? And how come its reach and impact can be so limited?

While usability and design can be an issue, it’s often because the content is just plain badly written. As a result, it gets far less traffic in the first place. And even when users do end up on the page, the content is so long, boring and out of date that they soon hit ‘back’ – with an inward groan.

User-centred content

When I write intranet and portal content, I start by looking closely at users’ needs, tasks and the words that mean most to them (called ‘carewords’ by my favourite web guru, Gerry McGovern). All too often, this gets completely overlooked by the people who write intranet content – they’re much more focused on what the team, department or function wants to say about itself.

Once I’ve got a good understanding of users’ requirements, I then write copy that delivers for them and that’s attention-grabbing, clear and concise. What you get is intranet content that gets found – and that gets your message across with impact.

Key intranet content clients: AstraZeneca, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Novartis, Pfizer, Stryker.

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