Speeches and presentations

Conference speeches and presentations that move minds

Microphone on stageBeing able to influence people at meetings and conferences is an essential component of a successful career. A good speech can change perceptions, turn sceptics into converts and enhance your reputation.

Over 20 years, I’ve written speeches and presentations for senior people in organisations of all sizes – from small firms to giants such as Aon, AstraZeneca, Diageo, Procter & Gamble and Royal Mail. I can help you be persuasive, informative or entertaining – often all three in the same speech.

Much of the time, I advise against slides. You want people to focus on you and what you’re saying, and you can make a stronger connection with your audience if you’re brave enough to present ‘unplugged’. When it does make sense to use some kind of visual support, I can create high-impact, picture-led slides that highlight your messages but don’t inflict death by PowerPoint. Here, I follow Garr Reynolds’ Presentation Zen approach.

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