The pyramid principle: Successful copywriting technique

The Pyramid Principle in copywritingI’m currently reading The Pyramid Principle by Barbara Minto. It sets out a proven technique for communicating complex ideas persuasively in writing. I’m pleased that it supports most of what I’ve been doing since I started out as a writer on employee newspapers some 20 (ahem!) years ago. For anyone who gets called upon to write anything from reports to intranet articles, it’s a great place to start your exploration of copywriting technique.

I’ve always maintained that thoughtful planning comes before committing ideas to paper. Be clear about exactly what you want people to take away from reading your material and then develop a top-down plan to make that happen. That’s completely at odds with what most of us were taught at school about writing, as I explained in an earlier blog about the techniques of copywriting.

If you’re thinking of hiring me as a copywriter, you might want to look at Barbara Minto’s website to get a feel for the kind of logical approach I take to coming up with clear and convincing reports, presentations, websites and more.

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